Human Capital Reporting ISO 30414: Our consulting services
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ISO 30414 Human Capital Reporting" is the first international guideline for Human Capital Reporting. We support you in becoming compliant with the requirements of the standard! 

The implementation of the Human Capital Reporting standard enables you to move towards a more KPI-driven decision-making process in all HR areas and to optimally position yourself towards your stakeholders and shareholders. The introduction of the Human Capital Reporting standard is not only about the implementation of KPI, it is also about a process that must first be established. We support and advise you in the targeted implementation of the guideline from a detailed analysis of your current Human Capital Reporting to the implementation and strategic integration of the standard into your corporate context.

We have co-developed the ISO standard as part of the international working group we are happy to assist you with our in-depth knowledge in the field of Human Capital Reporting. 

Table of contents e-booklet:

  • Opportunities of Human Capital Reporting ISO 30414 at a glance
  • Contents of Human Capital Reporting ISO 30414 
  • Requirements and successful implementation of Human Capital Reporting ISO 30414
  • The most important steps: Your benefits and our consulting services

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