International guideline for human capital reporting DIN ISO 30414 (E-Booklet for download)

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What you should know about DIN ISO Standard 30414 

  • Importance of Human Capital for Organizations
  • Core content and application of the guideline
  • Benefits and implications

Are you ready for DIN ISO Standard 30414 for your Human Capital Reporting?

The importance of human capital reporting for organizations is growing and gaining importance due to a change in the business world. The share of intangible assets in the market value of the S&P 500 share index increased from 17% to 84% since 1975. Employees are a major source of these intangible assets, but there has been no uniform approach to measuring and evaluating human capital. With the introduction of the voluntary guideline DIN ISO 30414, a globally uniform standard for the quantification and analysis of employee-related key figures is now to be achieved in order to create more transparency in the human capital area of organizations. Learn more about the application and introduction of the guideline, which was also published as a German DIN ISO standard in June 2019. We will be happy to support you and your organization in implementing this guideline.