Human Capital Reporting ISO 30414: Our certification services (e-booklet download)

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As certifier for the Human Capital Reporting standard, we support you in providing official proof that your Human Capital Reporting is effective according to ISO 30414. 

The opportunities of the certification "Human Capital Reporting ISO 30414" are various. Being compliant with the standard enables you to demonstrate the further professionalization of your personnel work internally and externally and thus positioning yourself strongly towards stakeholders and shareholders. Internal and external Human Capital Reporting also makes your intangible assets more transparent and therefore more assessable. 

The 4C certification methodology has been developed closely in line with the requirements of “Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS)”. The procedure is divided into three phases: 

  • Pre-Audit: Analysing the current state of your Human Capital Reporting 
  • Certification Audit: Evaluation of the effectiveness of your Human Capital Reporting based on ISO 30414 
  • Monitoring and Re-Certification Audit: Re-Certification is possible after the three-year validity of the certificate has expired 

We have co-developed the ISO standard as part of the international working group we are happy to assist you with our in-depth knowledge in the field of Human Capital Reporting. 

Table of contents e-booklet:

  • Opportunities of Human Capital Reporting ISO 30414 at a glance
  • Contents of Human Capital Reporting ISO 30414 
  • Requirements and successful implementation of Human Capital Reporting ISO 30414
  • The most important steps: Your benefits and our certification services 

Download our e-booklet now and learn more about our certification services!